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The perfect introduction into the world of automatic coffee, Swiss-made powdered milk powerhouse coffee in a small package.

Schaerer Coffee Soul

    • 7" Touchscreen display - The Coffee Club’s easy-to-use, customisable touchscreen provides visual prompts and can be tailored for self-serve areas.
    • 40 different drink choices - Produce up to 40 freely programmable different coffee shop specialities at the touch of a button.
    • Advertising display - When not in use, the TouchIT panel can show video content, allowing you to promote special offers and high margin add-ons.
    • Customisable - Adapt the machine to suit the needs of you, your staff and your customers.
    • Easy cleaning - Backed by clear on-screen videos, cleaning routines are quick, simple and thorough.
    • 4.5 litre capacity - An internal fresh water tank can hold up to 4.5-litres of water.
    • Powdered milk powerhouse - The Coffee Club Instant utilises powdered milk for luxurious speciality milk-based coffee drinks.
    • Instant ingredient configuration - Set-up your machine for specific ingredient combinations with ease and make a wider, more varied range of drinks.
    • Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland - Built at Schaerer's Swiss headquarters by high-skilled engineers to ensure you only receive the finest quality bean-to-cup coffee machine.
    • Colour-guided maintenance routines - Easy-to-follow guides help you keep your machine in top condition without needed expert training.
    • SteamIT cup warming - A controlled burst of steam heats your serving cup for an even more luxurious drinking experience.
    • Pivoting platform to accomodate all cup sizes - Serve a wider range of drink sizes in a vast variety of cup shapes without hassle or fuss.
    • LED lighting - Power-saving lighting options provide exceptional lighting without being too bright.
    • Independent drink counters - Keep multiple drink orders in one place without losing track.
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