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The 2nd generation Giga X8 can serve around 250 drinks per day.

The machine impresses with its quality and benefits from all of Jura’s latest improvements coupled with top performance across the board.

Recommended for use in offices, conference facilities and restaurants.

Jura Giga X8 G2 Bean to Cup

  • The Jura Giga X8 G2, delivering all of Jura’s latest technological improvements directly to the cup.


    The Giga name has always been one of quality, performance and pride and the newest model to the range improves on this with a larger daily output specifically.

    This incredible machine combines elegance with speed allowing preparation of multiple hot drinks in record time.  The optimally extracted coffee is fused with hot water within the machine through an extra bypass system so that absolutely no flavour is lost during the serving process.

    Multiple bean hoppers means more options with regards to bean roast and thanks to a third thermoblock the machine out smarts other models in it’s class.