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Simply a work of art.

Astoria Storm

    • Unrivalled extraction precision – The Storm features the ability to programme the brewing curve to your exact specifications for coffee as unique as your business.
    • Touchscreen or push button operation – Touchscreen and push button operation make for quick and easy speciality coffee.
    • Anti-scalding Cantilever steam wands - Unique in both looks and with the anti-scalding safety features, the Super Dry feature prevents the steam wands for producing excess condensation for less pressure loss and even better foaming potential.
    • Touchscreen displays – Each brewing group includes a 5" capacitive touchscreen display allowing you to tweak and refine a wide range of settings.
    • Dimmable LED lighting – Use the Storm in any lighting conditions with the perfectly placed LED lighting that allows for optimal viewing of the coffee extraction process.
    • Sturdy and durable – Constructed out of high-quality stainless steel, aluminium and with a sub-frame constructed from oak, the Storm is a robust machine built for your intense workloads whilst also being an eye-catching machine.
    • Oak finished group handles – The Storm's filter holders are made of treated oak wood for a comfortable, attractive, ergonomic finish that truly sets this machine apart from the crowd.
    • Energy saver: Automatic On/Off and Standby
    • Digital boiler pressure display and control
    • Steam boost functionality for better, smoother foamed milk
    • USB port
    • Editable user interfaces for touchscreens
    • Dosage programming
    • Coffee recipe programme storage
    • Pre-infusion system for a smoother extraction
    • Water and power cable cover for tidy and effective cable management
    • Touch screen coffee machine makes serving quicker and more efficient
    • Ergonomic filter holder
    • Electronic Cup warmer
    • Hot water tap
    • Height adjustable feet
    • Bluetooth connectivity



    • Auto steamer
    • WiFi connectivity bridge for telemetry adjustments
    • ESB (Extreme Steam Boost)
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