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The efficiency of the



A process allowing even more components to be serviceable, removing scale and blockages from the thinnest copper pipe work or group heads. Please see images of before and after shots of a boiler system that was completely submerged in the ultrasonic bath for only 3 hours!

Ultrawave-Ultrasonic Cleaner

GMS breaks the limescale barrier and goes ultrasonic!
We are proud to invest in this technology, which will improve our customer service response times for back to base service.
The speed of de-scaling components and boilers is phenomenal, cutting times down from days to hours.

Benefits of Ultrawave-Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Highly efficient, reducing service time from days to hours

  • Allows more components to be serviced, including copper pipework and group heads

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Thoroughly removes limescale and blockages

  • Kinder to copper or chrome components

Book a Full Back 2 Base Service

Our engineers will come to your premises and supply and fit a temporary machine, then take your machine back to our workshop and undertake a full back to base service on all seals and parts, and ensure the coffee machine is working correctly and safely. They will then return the machine to you and re-fit it, and take away the temporary replacement.

This service comprises of the following:

  • Travel to customer premises

  • Uplift customer's machine and install loan machine (training will be given if this model differs to current)

  • Take machine to our workshop and strip it down

  • Machine will be descaled and have all seals replaced, regardless of condition. Any worn parts will be replaced

  • Machine will then be rebuilt and safety tested

  • Machine will then be returned to site
    (Please note replacement part ie. PCB board are not included in the total cost and will be charged accordingly)

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