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The history of the Americano

Considered as the world’s most famous and popular type of coffee after the original Italian espresso, the Americano is also known as a Caffé Americano and American Coffee.

According to historians, the Americano was born from the traditional Italian espresso during World War II.
The Americans enjoyed the taste of coffee, but found the traditional Italian espresso far too strong for their tastes. The Americans went on to add hot water to the traditional drink to dilute the flavour and the rest is history – the Americano was born!

Another twist on the Americano is a Long Black – this involves doing the opposite to making an Americano.
Instead of adding a little hot water to the espresso for the Americano, for a Long Black you add an espresso shot into a full glass of hot water, making the drink long and more diluted. A literal namesake!

Thanks to many films, TV series and detective literature, most people think of Americano as ‘drip coffee’ that is kept warm in a flask and served when required. However, this isn’t the real Americano coffee and is instead a far more diluted version.

How to make an Americano:

Brew one or two shots of espresso, depending on your preference.
Add a little hot water to the espresso.
Add sweetener to taste, although traditionally this is frowned upon.

Drink and enjoy

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