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Spring Syrup

Now that spring is on the way, we share some of our favourite seasonal syrups!

With spring on its way, what better way to lighten you mood than with a drink featuring one of our delicious seasonal syrups?

Passion fruit:
With a slightly acidic taste, this syrup is packed full of flavour and really captures the passion fruit essence. Ideal for cocktails, sodas, smoothies and milkshakes, this passion fruit syrup can also be added to coffees. Try in a Frappuccino for a refreshing taste.

With a fresh and rich flavour and a sweet strawberry scent, this syrup really does evoke the feeling of the summertime! Can be added to champagne for a delectable twist as well as in milkshakes and sodas. Why not add to apple juice for a kid friendly cocktail!

French Nougat:
With a sweet vanilla flavoured honey taste running through the middle and a rich, silky smooth texture, this syrup is quite honestly the perfect flavour for when entertaining in the summer months. When added to coffee or hot chocolate, it give a grown up taste and when added to cold milk and ice, it gives the kids or people wanting an alcohol free drink a little taste into the world of French Nougat. A classic syrup.

Nothing says spring and summer quite like cucumber. A refreshing and juicy syrup with a dramatic and exciting green colour to match the real thing, this syrup has the power to brighten up creations! Perfect in Gin and Tonic or served with vodka and lemonade, this syrup is perfect for a Sunday afternoon