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Coffee round the world

Ever thought about what coffee is popular around the world?

We take a look at some of the most popular coffee based drinks in different locations – how many of these have you tried?

Egg Coffee
Although it may look strange, egg coffee is consumed for breakfast in Hanoi. Made from egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar, butter and soft cheese, steaming hot coffee is added to the mixture to make a rich drink.

Coffee and cheese, a match made in heaven according to the people in Kainuu, east Finland. Chunks of cheese are placed at the bottom of a coffee cup, which is then filled with the hot brown stuff. After the coffee has been consumed, the melted cheese is eaten with a spoon.

Café des epices
With a blend of heady spices and seeds such as black pepper, nutmeg and sesame seeds ground into coffee beans, the coffee drinks served by venders in Morocco work together to create a fragrant and strong blend. As blends vary from seller to seller, the varieties are endless.

Café Lagrima
Maybe not a coffee as we know it over on these shores, this is more like a watered down latte. With just a teardrop splash of coffee added to steamed milk and foam, the Argentineans like to drink their coffee light like this with a pastry.

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